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What is Prebid?

Prebid is an open-source set of solutions designed to streamline and optimize the process of header bidding in digital advertising. Header bidding is an advanced programmatic advertising technique that allows publishers to offer their ad inventory to multiple ad exchanges simultaneously before making a call to their ad server. This competition among ad exchanges typically results in higher CPMs (cost per thousand impressions) and increased ad revenue for publishers.

Prebid offers a suite of tools, including a JavaScript library for implementing client-side header bidding, server-side header bidding solutions, and additional tools for analytics and reporting. Prebid.js is the most widely used component of Prebid, as it allows publishers to easily integrate multiple demand partners (e.g., ad exchanges and networks) into their websites or apps.

The main benefits of using Prebid include:

  • Increased ad revenue: By fostering competition among multiple demand sources, Prebid helps publishers maximize their ad revenue.

  • Improved transparency: Prebid provides publishers with greater insight into how their ad inventory is being valued and sold across different demand partners.

  • Enhanced control: Publishers can customize and optimize their header bidding setup according to their specific needs.

  • Faster page load times: Prebid is designed to minimize the impact of header bidding on page load times, ensuring a better user experience.

  • Strong community support: As an open-source project, Prebid benefits from a large community of developers, users, and contributors who work together to improve and maintain the platform.

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