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A history of performance in

digital advertising

Emerse was founded in 2007. In the early years the company focused on delivering digital marketing services to customers in performance driven, digital industries such as gaming, e-commerce and booking services. These customers were early adopters of advertising technology and had a very data driven approach to marketing where every data point was measured and carefully optimized against, driven by highly measurable online sales and results.


Our history working for performance and data-driven customers shaped our strategy and vision going forward. The highly experimental, rigorously analytical and constantly improving model of digital advertising we saw some of the world's top digital brands use so successfully was something we wanted to bring to a wider customer base. ​

Nowadays we work for a broader customer base but our thinking and culture which includes using data to constantly improve advertising remains. Our background from working in highly competitive and measurable industries has enabled us to develop both our services and our technology to use the same thinking when working for customers in other industries.


To give us access to the data we wanted and needed to do the best possible work for our customers, we built our own software platforms, models and algorithms along the way. This was the only way we could fully control how technology assisted us and our customers and get access to the raw data we needed to build our own unique models and processes.

Big impact projects

In 2012 we were hired by the Obama for America presidential election campaign where we worked directly with the OFA team in Chicago during and until the end of the election campaign. Obama was our largest customer in 2012. Part of the OFA team hired us again in 2013 when we worked for Bill de Blasio in his election campaign to become New York Mayor, an office he after the successful campaign held for 8 years. In these US election campaigns Emerse was hired to manage, analyse, deliver and optimize digital advertising.

Emerse has since managed the digital advertising exclusively for a party in three Swedish election campaigns, including two national elections and one EU election. In the national elections 2018 and 2022 we managed both the nationwide central election digital advertising campaigns as well as about 100 local election campaigns running across the country. These are complex projects with a large amount of separate decision makers, organizations, audiences, creative assets and more. In the 2022 election a team member from Emerse worked full-time in the parliaments house in Stockholm, on-site with the customer, in close collaboration with the Emerse team working at our own HQ. 

Election campaigns are large and exciting projects that also serve to give Emerse team members extensive training in managing complex advertising projects. But our main customer category consist of business customers where we serve a global customer base. 


In 2016, Emerse Founder and CEO was awarded 'Entrepreneur of the Year' by The Swedish Federation of Business Owners, the largest business organisation in Sweden representing the interests of around 70,000 business owners. 


Industry associations

Emerse is a Founding Member of IAB Sweden and a member of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).

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