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Emerse Labs

A platform to optimize your advertising content using machine learning.

Let our reinforcement learning algorithm test thousands of ad variations in real-time. It will automatically allocate your advertising investment to the best performing ad at any given time. Add 10 headlines, 10 images and 10 call-to-actions. Get 10^3 equals one thousand different ad versions to test automatically. One will always be the best.

Run A/B tests easily with thousands of ad combinations in just a few minutes.

Reach 4x to 20x performance increases in CTR, CPC and CPA.

With Emerse Labs you can easily insert variables into the ad creative and then enter values you want to test. The platform automatically rotates across different combinations and optimizes towards the best performing version at any time. You can A/B test any content in the ad including both text, images and animations.

Upload your creative in HTML5, exchange hard coded parts with variables, enter values you want to test and you are ready to go.


Run experiments easily and find out which combination of text, images and content performs best.

Easy to use

Quickly deploy new experiments. Easily adjust settings and variables in-flight.

Machine Learning

Our reinforcement learning algorithm will learn by itself, no training needed. After only about 5,000 impressions it will start making decisions to make sure the best possible ad permutation is served at any given time.

Real-time data

Access real-time data just minutes after your experiment goes live. No delays.

Runs anywhere

Your A/B-tests can run anywhere where programmatic advertising runs. Find the best performing creative in your live environment.

Detailed insights

Get information on things like variable importance and confidence intervals, all quantified and constantly updated.

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