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Emerse ML

Is the location where your ads are running more important than which publishers you buy? How much more important?

Analyse Feature Importance data from third party digital marketing platforms.​

Emerse ML will provide you with insights on which parameters have the highest impact on conversion rates and and also quantify their internal weights. Use these insights to further improve your ad targeting, focusing on what matters.

Integrate with third-party platforms

Emerse ML currently integrate with Google Analytics and can break-down data from any traffic source there. More platforms are added soon.

Model training

Emerse ML will auto-detect which machine learning model works best for your data and train it automatically. All you have to do is connect your data source and select your goals.

Cloud based

Emerse ML is accessed through a browser at any time. All data is updated in real-time and you can create as many reports as you like.

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