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 We help customers achieve higher quality in their advertising by creating measurable points of improvement.

Defect ad impressions are a waste. Quality drives performance by creating more impact and effect.

Why quality management in programmatic advertising?

A large amount of ad impressions transacted and bought through programmatic advertising are defect. With defect we mean they are of no real value and are served sometimes unseen on very poor quality ad inventory. Sometimes even viewed by robots.


Consider the case of a white noise mobile app. A user turns it on in the background passively then goes to sleep. It maybe runs through the night. Every 20 seconds it refreshes one or a few banners. During the night it has served 8h*60*3 = 1,200 ad impressions that nobody has seen. The advertisers investment has been wasted on zero value ad impression, generating no brand lift, sales or any other value.

Some examples of what we call defect ad impressions

Made for advertising sites

Ad impressions served on
Made-for-Advertising (MFA) cluttered
automated sites with no real purpose other than to sell ads. Sometimes monetized by driving low cost traffic and arbitrage buy/sell CPM ratios.

Low quality ranked publishers and content

Ads delivered on poor quality scraped AI generated content, often copied from news publishers and rewritten by an AI. The AI can generate hundreds of news articles every day just by rewriting content from other sites.

Ads that are unseen

Ads delivered unseen, below the fold and with no viewability at all. Sometimes ads are even sold stacked on top of each other in a pile. Say 10 banners on top of each other with only the top one visible at all.

Too fast ad reloads

Extremely fast refreshing ad tags where automatic ad reloading can render a new banner for example every second. A publisher with malicious intent can sell 60 banner impressions per minute of no useful value to any advertiser.

By running ad campaigns using sophisticated quality controls, advertisers can increase performance, sales and brand lift.

"We really appreciate your partnership. You and your team have always done fantastic work for us." 

Yasmin, Obama for America


“A lot of people claim to have online marketing expertise. Emerse is the real deal.” 
Magnus, Head of Business Development, Betsson

​"We are very excited about the results and what you’re doing for us!"

​Jan, Marketing Lead, Strategic Communication, Amazon


"We’ve made so many successful decisions together." 

Nafiz, Online Marketing, Zalando

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