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Solar Operations

 Quality Management
for Programmatic Advertising

An experienced team helping you use data and technology to its fullest potential in your advertising.

Delivering genuinely data-driven advertising

Digital marketing is complex and the opportunities are almost endless. You need to engage in it with the right mindset, the right people and the right tools. ​Our team consists of senior, experienced specialists that work closely with our own internal R&D team.


We offer not only ideas and insights but especially also execution. Carefully not just thinking out what needs to be done but also doing it. We are your resource, your team. We look after your digital marketing investments for you and make sure they work to their fullest potential at all times.

"We really appreciate your partnership. You and your team have always done fantastic work for us." 

Yasmin, Obama for America


Emerse Marketing Solutions

  • A highly experienced team to support you with managed services.

  • Full-service digital advertising operations across all digital channels.

  • Setting and following up advertising goals and make them measurable.

  • Implementing strategies to improve, using for example A/B-testing.

  • Data analytics and optimization.

“A lot of people claim to have online marketing expertise. Emerse is the real deal.” 
Magnus, Head of Business Development, Betsson

Making ideas happen

Ideas are important but execution is equally or even more important. Relentless efforts in setting up tests, following up with analysis and carrying out changes leads to constant improvements. Just doing one test here and one there is equal to going to the gym just once or twice. It will not generate great long-term results. ​


Tools. Knowledge. Experience. Methods. Systems. Algorithms. Are all important. But so is the dedicated and determined effort to keep on improving, to put in the time to achieve that next step of efficiency.  Combining human and machine resources will generate exceptional results when done the right way.

Experimenting, testing and improving

Our services are formed to tirelessly work on behalf of our customers to manage the day-to-day operations of their advertising as well as work experimentally and analytically to find areas of improvements, growth opportunities and to help our customers identify what advertising works and what does not. 

In our view there should not be any guesswork when it comes to digital marketing. Activities can, and should, be analysed and challenged. Part of advertising budgets should always be allocated to experiments and the potential to make improvements. If you run an A/B-test there will always be better and worse outcomes but that doesn’t mean anything is wasted. You win in data and knowledge, that can then be applied to move forward with the best performing strategy. 

​"We are very excited about the results and what you’re doing for us!"

​Jan, Marketing Lead, Strategic Communication, Amazon


Our process

Businesses typically start with an idea of what audiences, platforms and content to use. As a first test. So far so good. But then usually something happens. An experiment turns into a permanent strategy. Experimentation stops and is replaced with permanent non-changing strategies. The business realizes that digital advertising requires a lot of time and resources to handle. The team managing the ads find themselves tied up in multiple projects giving them less and less time to spend on analysing and improving the ads they are running. In short terms, the ads get stuck in a repeating pattern and they stop improving. 

Our process involves keeping a constant part of advertising as an experimenting factor. While running “live” campaigns using proven, tested audiences, platforms/publishers and content there is also extensive room for experiments and testing new things. Like a marketing “lab” where new research and ideas are tested in a live environment. Where ideas are carefully followed up.

"We’ve made so many successful decisions together." 

Nafiz, Online Marketing, Zalando


Ideas and Execution

We believe there is a methodical approach to building value through digital advertising. We believe there are customers out there who know they could make digital advertising work better for them, but they don’t have the team, skills or time to make it happen. We know the tools, technologies and products that enable businesses to analyse data and make better decisions but also know that those tools are rarely used enough.  


The start of a long-term partnership

When engaging us to be your partner in digital advertising, we promise to deliver using the full depth of our experience a passionate and results focused service to help your business grow.

Building value generating digital marketing involves working with a constant process of analysis, experiments and improvements. It is a never-ending process. Even for advertisers with highly profitable marketing strategies in place the process never ends. ​


With our extensive experience working for advertisers across different sectors in multiple countries globally, we have built an extensive in-house proprietary framework that encapsulates all the activities, thinking and methods used by us throughout the years to achieve success for our customers.

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