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Powerful platforms for programmatic media buying and dynamic deployment of optimization using A/B-testing and machine learning.

DSP - Demand Side Platform

Programmatic media buying at scale. Reaching millions of online media channels globally and locally. From major news publishers to fast growing mobile apps. From big national to local data-driven campaigns. Using our DSP you can buy advertising across the entire open web.

Rapid campaign deployment, real-time data, fast and powerful optimization combined with our passionate and experienced support enables advertisers to work dynamically and with flexibility, quickly adapting their advertising to the fast moving needs of their business.


Emerse Labs - Machine Learning for A/B-testing

Optimizing ad content to focus on the best performing creative served at any given time for any impression is crucial in order to be successful in digital advertising. Testing 10 unique selling points of your product together with 10 call-to-actions and 10 different images will generate 1,000 different ad versions. Using our tool you can build these creatives dynamically and let our reinforcement machine learning algorithm automatically deliver more of your budget towards the best performing ad combination, at any given time. 


Emerse ML - Feature Importance Analysis

Using Emerse ML, advertisers can connect third-party data platforms, such as analytics tools, and find out which parameters in their advertising has the highest importance in driving sales and performance. Emerse ML trains unique machine learning models automatically to quantify these metrics. An advertiser can find out that the geographic targeting of their ads massively outweight for example which publisher they advertise on when it comes to conversions and sales. They also get this quantified. With this data, the advertiser can make important decisions on how to optimize their advertising.

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