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100% rental in record time through intelligent advertising

Do you want to get in touch with us, learn more about Emerse Labs or programmatic marketing? Contact us through the form here or Johan Bertilsson by phone +46 739 337 732.


UniverCity is a residential developer focusing on rental properties in Sweden's strongest growth region, Stockholm-Uppsala. The purpose of UniverCity's marketing was to attract interest applications for their newly built rental properties in Upplands Väsby. Therefore, through simple means and creativity, they aimed to find the right tenants and create awareness around their project in Upplands Väsby.


UniverCity wanted to receive quality interest applications from individuals who could move in immediately. After all, the apartments were ready for occupancy. Who are these people, where do we find them, and how do we capture their attention? People living nearby and considering separation or divorce are likely interested in quick move-ins. Individuals living in other parts of Sweden who have obtained jobs in Stockholm were also a potential target audience.

The task was to find the right message tailored to the right target group, which the hired renting team at Fastiella could then manage.

Being visible on social media is a given, but here we also wanted to make an extra effort to step outside the "pond" and create and strengthen interest among the target group in a different way.

UniverCity was open to testing new creative ideas to see what works best. Given our previous very positive experience with automated material tests, known as A/B/N tests, through programmatic marketing, we decided to add this to the strategy.

Social Media + Programmatic Advertising + Chat GPT = TRUE

Social Media - The focus on UniverCity's social media was to drive traffic to, which is the external page where more information about the apartments can be found, and where one can fill in their contact details.

Chat GPT - We didn't know in advance which message would yield the best results. Therefore, we wanted to test different messages to determine what works best, i.e., generate traffic and conversions. We used Chat GPT to generate variations of texts. We chose 10 suggestions to test in EMERSE LABS, a platform for testing different variations of ads, known as A/B/N tests. There, we could quickly see exactly which variation yielded which result. After that, it was easy to optimize towards the best messages.

Programmatic advertising - For the programmatic advertising, we used a method known as contextual targeting to reach the target audience. This strategy ensures that ads appear in an editorial environment containing "keywords" that we have specified and that are relevant to the ad. In this case, we specified words such as divorce, separation, moving out, moving in, cohabitation law, among others. In addition to contextual advertising, we also used relevant site lists like Boli, Hemnet, and Blocket Bostad.


During the advertising period (April – June), UniverCity received a steady stream of applicants with a very high match rate on the criteria set for being approved as a tenant. A total of 106 new lease agreements were signed, and 100% of the project is now rented out.

"Through the advertising and the smart solutions, we reached our goal. It has been a creative and educational collaboration. Moreover, we have gained inspiration for how we can work with upcoming projects to get them rented out more quickly. The fact that we had fun and laughed a lot along the way is a plus that has increased our job satisfaction!" says Christina Sundman, CEO of UniverCity.

"It has been very gratifying to have a flow of good prospects that we could work with continuously," adds Eva Andersson Ericson, CEO of Fastiella. "This has facilitated our work and contributed to us being able to fill the property in record time with happy and expectant tenants."

Eva Andersson Ericson, CEO at Fastiella


Achieving a good reach and creating awareness are often associated with expensive purchases via TV or radio. Programmatic advertising is also a powerful reach medium but at a significantly lower price. However, programmatic advertising is a complex and unfamiliar territory for many, and adding an A/B/N testing platform to optimize the ad content can seem overwhelming.

Therefore, it's crucial to work with a partner who does more than just set up ads and let them run their course. Knowledge, optimization, and detailed, in-depth work are required to get value for the investment. On the other hand, social media is an obvious choice for many, a channel that is strong further down in the sales funnel, both in driving traffic and conversions.

Combining programmatic advertising to create reach with social media for traffic and conversions is a strategy that UniverCity used and found effective. A winning concept, in simple terms.

It should be noted that UniverCity's openness to actually daring and wanting to test new methods is a key factor in our ability to deliver the results we did.

About UniverCity

UniverCity is a residential developer focusing on rental properties in Sweden's strongest growth region, Stockholm-Uppsala. Their philosophy is to center human needs and offer homes that meet the expectations of conscious individuals about living as an important part of their lifestyle. Emphasizing ecological and social sustainability, with plenty of green spaces and opportunities for socializing, they create a living environment where people feel comfortable and thrive.

About Fastiella

Fastiella is a privately-owned consultancy firm specializing in property management, particularly focused on the revenue side. Fastiella is determined that the foundation of effective management consists of three parameters: a stable platform, knowledgeable individuals, and well-functioning processes. More information about Fastiella here:

About Emerse

Emerse has been in the industry since 2007 and was one of the very first to start writing their own code to create a programmatic tool, a DSP. This gives Emerse a deep understanding of algorithms, machine learning, AI, and how to meticulously handle programmatic advertising for the best results. With this knowledge, they manage all digital tools in a senior and unique manner.

Emerse is part of the international committee W3C, a global organization that sets standards and guidelines for the web. They are also members of IAB (the global organization for online marketing).

If you want to get in touch with us, learn more about Emerse Labs or programmatic marketing, contact us through the form here or Johan Bertilsson by phone +46 739 337 732.

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