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Dynamic E-commerce Banners using Product Catalogues and Feeds

Showcase your products to the right customers and dynamically optimize for sales

If you run an e-commerce store you most likely have a catalogue of a large number of products. Selecting which ones to show your potential customers in ads can be difficult. Adding to this, different customers might prefer different products. 

We offer our customers a dynamic banner format that automatically pulls product data from the feed of of your e-commerce store. You don't need to do any design work or build the banners yourself, we take care of all that for you. AI powered algorithms will optimize the campaign to generate the most possible sales. 

The design of these banners is centered around your product images and product text. There is little need to add more content than this. Then we enable customers to switch and browse interactively inside the banner between different products. Like a carousel ad. Larger banner units feature more products at the same time.

Campaigns are dynamically optimized for sales and conversions. You can define your own target audience and our technology and team will make sure to run the campaign to match the right customers with your products. 

Example dynamic product feed banners 

Below are a few example banners from one of our customers that uses dynamic product feeds to display products interactively. Please note that the design of the banners will be adapted to your brand, colours, logo, fonts and more.








Supported platforms

We support a large number of popular e-commerce platforms. As long as they can produce a product feed, they most likely will work with our service. Our team will help make sure everything works for you.

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