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Our trading desk.
Where Madison Ave meets Wall St.

We’ve honed our technical skills and digital advertising experience over many years at our Swedish HQ. And the beneficiaries of our trading expertise include clients you’ll be very familiar with. Possibly even more familiar with, now that we’ve been active on their behalf. These include companies such as Shell, Honda and Pizza Hut. As well as Obama for America.

Programmatic Trading

Programmatic Trading

It’s so flexible. The transactions our trading desk executes can be driven by a strategy we’ve formulated with you. Or it can act on instructions you issue directly.

Any Market

Any Market

We have it covered. The world, we mean. We execute orders, deliver campaigns and trade right across the planet. We have infrastructure in 41 locations and access to over 300 exchanges and many private marketplaces, too.

Better And Better

Better and Better

Our algorithms aren’t just good. They actively improve on their programmatic advertising delivery; they effectively learn on the job.

Always In The Loop

Always in the Loop

Everything you could wish to know is reported to you. And in real time. Detailed statistics, graphs, analysis and insights. Always accurate; always current.

For our managed marketing solutions, please contact:

More Than a Delivery Service

Beyond getting your digital advertising campaigns seen, we’ll work with you to ensure that they accelerate through testing and gather data; getting results and expanding your customer base. It’s how we’ve built a reputation for service. And it’s the reason we enjoy long-term relationships with our clients.

A Full-Service Solution

After planning and developing strategies with you, we’ll implement the trading by setting parameters and optimising the whole process. We’ll then keep you informed throughout. As well as discussing the transactions with us, you’ll be able to log on and track what’s happening. Whenever you choose to do so.

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