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A Truly Transparent, Truly Independent Demand Side Platform

Programmatic advertising at the forefront.
An independent platform with low fees.
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Since 2007 we’ve been building technology with the single goal of making advertisers investments generate a higher return and become more effective. Starting out more than 10 years ago working for some of the largest online sports betting and gaming companies in Europe to drive online sales, our technology and team talent has now been put in use by clients ranging from major election campaigns to world leading e-commerce brands.

Our infrastructure spans 41 locations world-wide which is equal to the number of markets some of our clients target their advertising to using our technology. Our talented team assists clients with developing programmatic advertising strategies and making them happen. From exclusively managing all digital media buying in national election campaigns to providing support to self-service clients, we make sure our clients get the best of today’s complex ad-tech and digital media market.

“There’s no magic formula or shortcut for marketing success. But you need the right tools, support and insights to reach your goals through hard work.

Contact our sales team by using the form and phone numbers here or send an email to, and we will tailor a solution strategy for you.

Our Clients

After 10 years in the industry our list of past and current clients is long, from US election campaigns to global brands and market leaders in fields such as e-commerce and gaming.

"We’re very happy to work with Emerse on this campaign. Having a media technology partner that truly understands the opportunities of programmatic will no doubt help us reach our goals."

Thomas Westrum, EVP Digital at Uniti

"Thanks to Emerse Platform, I've learned to find more ways of getting great results from a campaign, which is the essence of our job!"

Alexander Kollstedt, Display Manager, Viva Media

"We work with Emerse to help us reaching our global markets. Emerse provided us with fantastic support at our image campaign."

Anita Thallinger, Director Marketing, W&H Dentalwerk

"Having worked with Emerse for a number of years, they have always delivered the highest results and quality views for each and every project. Their customer service is superb and their flexible approach makes working together an easy and enjoyable experience."

Gareth Craven - Product Manager EMEA, Cision


"It’s so nice to finally work with a company who knows what they’re doing."

Rob Rebelo, Head of SEO,

Pin-point Accuracy

Pin-point Accuracy

A unique DSP, Demand Side Platform, built in-house, powering programmatic buying for online advertising through hundreds of exchanges and networks across all devices. Both Self-service and Full-service options available.

Clever Code

Clever Code

Our technology not only gets results for short-term campaigns; it also learns from experience. It obtains valuable strategic insight and customer data, allowing it to enhance its performance and deliver better results over longer-running campaigns.

Fiendishly Simple

Fiendishly Simple

Despite the sophisticated technology, we believe programmatic advertising doesn’t need to be complicated. Our expert team can manage entire campaigns, developing bespoke, long-term strategies that include data collection and audience expansion.

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