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YouTube advertising fully managed by a team with 10 years experience

Over the course of nearly 10 years we’ve managed YouTube advertising and video promotion for some of the world’s largest brands. Today, we have offices in four locations and technology infrastructure in 41 locations. Our client list ranges from presidential elections to world leaders in markets such as gaming, booking, automotive, e-commerce and finance.


Our unique technology enables your videos to be advertised not only In-stream on YouTube but also web-wide using the same video across other highly targeted publishers. The Emerse Out-stream video player is certified by YouTube and will therefore record a verified view on YouTube also when we advertise it on other sites. We optimise in-flight to generate the best possible reach, viewer engagement and visibility for your campaign.

In-Stream Advertising on YouTube

In-Stream Advertising on YouTube

In-Stream (pre-roll) on YouTube offers great targeting and reach, much like traditional television commercials, the ad is played before another video starts. The user can choose to skip the ad after five seconds, or actively choose to continue watching your ad.

Users get to see videos they are curious about and you get views from an audience that you know is genuinely interested. In-Stream on YouTube is also a great format for longer videos giving you more scope to tell a longer story.

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Out-Stream Advertising on YouTube

Out-Stream Advertising on YouTube

Our YouTube-certified video player has convenient social sharing buttons for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more. We also offer the option to add a customised, interactive overlay banner and a call-to-action button for optimal engagement. The design is slim and clean to give your video the main focus.

Our video player is fully integrated with the world’s largest publishers to deliver the best possible reach for your video campaign and driving user-initiated views. Our player facilitates video placements and in-banner ads on premium websites with guaranteed high-quality views.


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Our advanced optimisation for online video, developed over the last ten years, ensures the best result for your budget. We use indexed audience data to ensure effective targeting based on multiple criteria including geography, specific keywords, categorised topics, personal browsing history, advanced audience data technology and contextual and behaviour targeting methods.

Together with our algorithms and technology, we deal directly with ad exchanges to secure the best advertising space and most relevant placements for your campaign. We can, of course, limit your campaign to run in YouTube only. However, we recommend including the wider reach available through other channels too, to really reach as many of your audience as possible. We can advise and manage this for you.

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