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Only by being seen can a video
truly call itself a video.

We’ve been showing videos to the eyes of the world for around 10 years. The numbers involved at any given time vary enormously. Sometimes we target a small and local audience. At other times, it’s colossal. For clients of a matching size.


Those we’ve worked for include countless household names, including the resident of a certain American household called the White House. We give you guaranteed views, and can usher your audience to your website or landing page; often using social media to maximise the impact. Our reporting metrics are proven and powerful. And our algorithms’ performances actually improve over time – effectively learning through experience.


And here’s another list. To address your audience, we employ measures that are geographical, demographic, linguistic, behavioural, contextual and keyword-based. Also, we make sure your videos appear only on those sites receiving visitors appropriate for your brand.

The right tools for the job

A number of factors will determine the ideal ad format for your video. For example: Who are you trying to reach? Where on earth (literally) are they? And how long is the video itself? Once we know the details, the suite of format choices we’re able to offer you include In-Stream, Out-Stream, pre-roll, click-to-play, video seeding, YouTube and Facebook.

The thinking never stops

It goes without saying that we do a great deal of thinking about your campaign in advance. We assess the nature of the video, your needs and – using their cookie-based profiles – your audience. But afterwards our work is far from over. We subject the campaign’s performance to detailed analysis. And we provide a debrief covering the stats and discoveries that we make.

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