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First comes understanding.
Then comes strategy.

First things first. In this case, that means getting a sound knowledge of a client’s business, its goals, the wider market in which it operates and the challenges it faces. Otherwise, anything claiming to be a strategy would be unworthy of the name.

What we mean by strategy

For us, strategy comprises the tactical ideas we develop and implement as well as the measurement, data collection, audience expansion, campaign delivery, analytics and optimisation.

The ever-improving process

Having access to metrics and client feedback is essential for success. (And, in turn, we provide constant progress updates.) What our analysis teaches us about a programmatic campaign is then fed back into the process to achieve even better results.

Let’s hear it for the humans

While our programs can take a large share of the credit for a successful marketing campaign, we have something that transcends coding; however brilliant that may be. And that “something” is our people.

Complementing software that can accomplish what it needs to in microseconds are people with many years’ experience. People who’ve worked with some of the world’s biggest digital advertisers across many different industries.

Meet the Team

"Uniti is well-positioned in the market for smart, electric vehicles. I really liked their car the first time I saw it, both the design and the technology are cutting edge. On the path of re-inventing the car company, Uniti is also on the path to re-invent digital marketing. I'm really pleased Emerse was picked to partner with Uniti for their programmatic advertising."

Carl-Johan Grund, Founder and CEO of Emerse

"We’re very happy to work with Emerse on this campaign. Having a media technology partner that truly understands the opportunities of programmatic will no doubt help us reach our goals."

Thomas Westrum, EVP Digital at Uniti

Results are all

Working with you, we’ll see to it that your advertising accelerates through the first phase of testing and data-gathering. And that it gets results and expands your customer base. We may even, if we find that it works for you, suggest a shift from a campaign-driven approach to one that is “always-on”. Well, why switch off something so good?

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