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Social Video

Emerse can accelerate social media engagement with your video. Not only can we distribute your video to include specific distribution on YouTube and Facebook, for example, we also promote your video web-wide and we always optimise for engagement on all the major social platforms including YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and Google+. We target sites and we target people, websites relating you your target audience and people by cookie-based online data, then we optimise in-flight.

As a certified partner of Google, the Emerse player is approved to host your YouTube video so that from whichever site your content is viewed, it will record a view on the YouTube counter. This means that your views are independently verified by YouTube while you enjoy the benefits of distribution across the web per your specified targeting needs, reaching quality websites that have an affinity with your content and campaign goals to engage a truly relevant and responsive audience.

See the Emerse player here and note the convenient social sharing buttons to drive engagement on the largest social platforms. In addition, there is a Call-to-Action button which leads to a further landing page of your choice.


At Emerse, we give you more. We distribute your targeted video effectively
and we include social media and a landing page as added value.


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