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Listen! We Offer Programmatic Audio

Listen! We offer Programmatic Audio

Digital listening services such as Spotify, Soundcloud, Targetspot, Triton and Tunein reach 1 billion listeners worldwide every month. Through advertising sparks in listening services, your brand gets virtually undivided attention that can neither be…

The Steam Hotel

The Steam Hotel

How ESS Group reaches 1500% ROI through programmatic advertising while raising brand awareness
Swedish Camping

Swedish Camping

How Swedish Campingpärlor by Grönklitts Group has increased their bookings using programmatic re-targeting


"Having a media technology partner like Emerse that truly understands the opportunities of programmatic advertising no doubt help us reach our goals." Thomas Westrum, EVP Digital at Uniti

Uniti Case CJ

"Uniti is well-positioned in the market for smart, electric vehicles. I really liked their car the first time I saw it, both the design and the technology are cutting edge.…

Uniti Case TW

"We’re very happy to work with Emerse on this campaign. Having a media technology partner that truly understands the opportunities of programmatic will no doubt help us reach our goals."…

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You did get that we don’t have a minimum spend, right? And that our biggest advantage is that our DSP is easy to use, fast to set up a campaign…

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