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Viva Media

"Thanks to Emerse Platform, I've learned to find more ways of getting great results, which is the essence of our job!" Alexander Kollstedt, Display Manager, Viva Media


"Having worked with Emerse for a number of years, they have always delivered the highest results for each and every project. Their customer service is superb and their flexible approach makes…

Dmexco – Time To Take Care

Dmexco – Time to Take Care

Stay curious, act consciously, take responsibility and create special experiences. This message is behind the motto “Take C.A.R.E.” (Curiosity–Action–Responsibility–Experience), which dmexco (September 12 & 13) has chosen for 2018. With…

5 Reasons Why You Should Visit DMEXCO

5 reasons why you should visit DMEXCO

DMEXCO is a one-of-a-kind event each year in Cologne – this year September 12–13. It has been the meeting place for key players in the digital business, marketing and innovation…

Don’t Work Too Hard. Use Dayparting.

Don’t work too hard. Use dayparting.

It's important to be frugal with your resources both in terms of the heatwave and with your programmatic campaigns so that you can be as effective as possible. We understand…

5 Tips For Advertising Around The World Cup

5 tips for advertising around the World Cup

Are you thinking of promoting yourself in connection with the FIFA World Cup? Then you are not alone! We can already see advertising prices starting to increase ahead of June…



How Emerse works with GDPR Below, we explain what the new data protection law called GDPR means to you as a customer and how we, as a supplier in today's…

Re-Target Your Target Audience

Re-Target Your Target Audience

Re-targeting is a fantastic feature of interest-orientated advertising. Re-targeting tags allow you to revisit people who visited your website previously, or watched your video ad or clicked on your banner;…

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