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You need someone who’s streetwise
to deal with the traffic.

A considerable amount of internet traffic is unreliable or fraudulent. But never fear: our programmatic buying is geared up to avoid it. We have partnerships with companies such as Integral Ad Science (IAS), which claims: “Whether it’s illegal bot activity, fraudulent URLs or specific page-level fraud, we’re here to protect you.” Such protection comes as standard with our demand-side platform (DSP).

Quality And Filtering
Quality and Filtering

The platform uses a scoring system to assess traffic. It consists of several components, such as; brand safety, seriousness, viewability, cluttered advertising space, the number of advertising websites and suspicious activity. These parameters are put together to rate the advertising space that is being considered for purchase. A low score leads to filtering and the placement is never included in your campaign. This is done in the background, without you having to do anything.

The Environment
The Environment

Whether or not a webpage is suitable to carry your ad will be determined by a number of factors analysed by our DSP. For example:

How many ads are on the webpage altogether?
How closely packed are they?
What’s the density of images on the page?
Where are these images placed in relation to your ad?
How relevant will your ad be to the website’s visitors*?

*Using standardised contextual categories (based on data from IAB).

Always Suspicious
Always Suspicious

Before considering buying any advertising space, we first calculate the risk – using content ratings. We are constantly vigilant for false-click and false-impression traffic.

On Brand?
On Brand?

There will be certain types of content you’ll feel uncomfortable about your brand sharing digital space with. Our DSP can grade page content on a scale between 0 and 1,000. And without the need of intervention from you. Although, on any given campaign, you have the option to fine-tune the filters and deselect them.

The Audience Of Your Choice
The Audience of Your Choice

Our platform allows you to target specific audiences simply by creating lists and audience data within it.

Duplication Is Bad Duplication Is Bad
Duplication is Bad Duplication is Bad

Accidents happen. Or at least they happen elsewhere. Because our platform has ad-collision detection to stop you buying more than one ad in the same campaign on the same webpage.

Unseen Is Obscene
Unseen is Obscene

An ad that goes unseen has failed. So our platform makes various calculations to ensure particular criteria are met. The browser, screen size, screen resolution, ad size and position on the page are all examined. As are 1) the time that visitors spend on the page and 2) the likelihood that they will scroll down until they see your ad, if need be.  After we’ve crunched the data, you have full control over whether particular webpages should be included in your campaigns or not. You can also find out how well-viewed your previous campaigns have been.

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