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Our programmatic advertising’s so good, it can make itself even better.

In the years since Emerse first began, we – and the sophisticated algorithms we’ve created – have been very much in demand. Those who’ve beaten a path to our door include Barack Obama’s presidential campaign and many car, sports-betting and gaming companies. If we’d offered a standard video-delivery service, they might not have been quite so determined. But, in addition, we make our programmatic advertising evolve and even “learn” how to become better.

Collaborating our way to success

By working with our team, you can help your advertising to make the transition from the first phase of testing and data-gathering to delivering results and expanding your customer base. We can launch and deliver your campaigns and actively improve your advertising. Maybe it will move from being campaign-driven to being always-on. Because if it’s working well, perhaps it should be never-off?

For our managed marketing solutions, please contact us today.

Let’s Connect

Questions, questions

We have a few important things to ask you. Don’t worry if you don’t know some of the answers. We can soon tell you what they are.

  • Do you know if your advertising drives more sales on Tuesdays from 8-12 am or on Saturdays from 4-9 pm?

  • Are you aware that the cost-per-click for the most expensive targeting of your campaign might be 40 times higher than the least expensive part of the same campaign?

  • Is a frequency of 20 better for increasing your brand lift using digital video than a frequency of 5?

  • Does bidding on viewable-only inventory increase or decrease cost-per-acquisition in your prospecting campaigns?

  • How many new potential look-alike customers are currently available based on your existing retargeting list?

  • What are the top 10 interests and topics your customers are interested in when they are not on your site?

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