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Bringing an electric car to the market

Swedish EV start-up slated to begin crowdfunding effort to support recent UK expansion and promote British market entry in 2020. Emerse has been tasked with leveraging their proprietary DSP to help drive awareness, engagement and investment.



To drive investments to Unitis crowdfunding campaign via Crowdcube. The target was set to raise £1,000,000.



This was done in two phases, starting with a pre-campaign with the mission to
drive prospective investors to an email sign up and followed with the main campaign as the crowdfunding campaign went public.



Uniti was successfully funded through Crowdcube, with a total of £1,406,260 raised. This also resulted in several thousand pre-orders, with a value of about $85 million and investments from over 28 countries.

Uniti and Emerse have much in common. Both began their businesses in Lund, Sweden and are pioneers in their respective industries. Both believe in the power of combining Big Data with great creative to achieve the very best results in digital.

Called the “Tesla for megacities” by Business Insider, Uniti offers affordable electric vehicles purpose-built for the daily urban commuter. Since revealing its concept car in 2017, Uniti has garnered significant global interest for the Uniti One and awards such as the Veckans Affärer E-Prize for sustainable transport. The company recently announced plans to develop its lightweight, 2-seat model at a new pilot plant in the well-known technology cluster near the Silverstone Circuit, home of the British Grand Prix. This fully digitalised plant will be used to produce vehicles for the Nordics & UK in 2020 while serving as a blueprint for their rapid market expansion thereafter. In keeping with their community-driven brand, Uniti will soon offer investors in the UK and elsewhere the limited opportunity to acquire equity in the company via the London-based crowdfunding platform, Crowdcube.


Crowdfunding is a form of investment that has become increasingly common in recent years. Along with helping companies raise capital, it offers a means to test product demand and generate a following of “brand evangelists”. Emerse’s mission in this partnership is to apply data science to reach these potential investors and brand evangelists with highly targeted messages. Emerse is able to build robust prospect profiles while still adhering to strict privacy controls, including location, lifestyle, interests and more. These factors are rapidly processed to facilitate programmatic targeting on selected sites and digital marketplaces, giving Uniti the ability to serve the right message to the right person, at the right time, and at the right cost. Emerse then helps Uniti draw learnings from the insights gained to further refine its approach, generate significant interest in Uniti, and drive traffic to their crowdfunding website.

About Uniti

Uniti exists to meet the challenges of global mobility by producing safe, clean and affordable vehicles that balance the environmental and sustainability needs of society with mass market desires for progressive design and a premium experience. Uniti’s 100% electric vehicle, the Uniti One, was first introduced at the company’s U17 product launch event in December 2017. It has gained a pre-order value totalling over €70 million. Learn more at

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