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The Film Agency

Digital promotion, media buying and execution of Independent European VoD Films distributed by The Film Agency. Targeting audiences interested in film, cinema, and entertainment in specific countries, translated or subtitled in their respective languages, across Europe. Walk This Way, TIDE Experiment, and Cineuropa is projects supported by the Creative Europe programme of the European Commission.



The Film Agency uses a unique model for targeting their audience in several countries across Europe. During 2015 we distributed over 30 European films in more than 18 different languages. Each video has allocated views per market according to the population of each country.



Emerse developed a specific targeting algorithm used by our DSP, that enables easy selection of geographic areas and filter per population. The system also detects users language without geographic location. Meaning we can target French speaking people outside of France.

VoD Growth YoY


This solution has shown an increase in making European film productions and documentaries more accessible within the targeted countries. Driving the audience to VoD platforms iTunes and Google play. Resulting in VoD grew by 60% YOY over the past 5 years across the European market.


Belle et le Bete

Nominated for the People’s Choice Award for Best European Film at the 27th European Film Awards. It also received three nominations at the 40th César Awards, winning Best Production Design. A film by Christophe Gans.

Geo-targeting: Denmark, Norway, Sweden.

Dior and I

Winner of Documentary Special Jury Award at Seattle International Film Festival 2014. A film by Frédéric Tcheng.

Geo-targeting: Italy, Czech Republic, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Portugal, Sweden, Denmark, Norway.

White Shadow

Winner of Lion of the future at Venice Film Festival 2014, and New Directors Prize at San Francisco International Film Festival. A film by Noaz Deshe.

Geo-targeting: Hungary, Lithuania, France, Romania, UK, Netherlands.

About The Film Agency

The Film Agency is a marketing solution created for producers, sales agents and distributors across the world, founded by Sarah Calderón and headquartered in Madrid. The Film Agency help the film industry face new challenges and turn them into opportunities, through new media, online streaming and digital tools like VoD. The Film Agency work hard to bring you the best, the odd, the hard-to-find, the somewhat different, the disturbing, the old, the new, and the future of cinema, from all over Europe, encompassing various genres with original themes. The films are award-winning, star-studded box-office hits by famous directors, featuring original screenplays, adaptations, and new releases.

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