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Techland’s computer game Dying Light reached first place in the sales charts in both the US and the UK. In its first month Dying Light became the best-selling title, breaking all previous records. The game has also received more than 50 awards and nominations within the horror genre.



Get gamers excited about a new violent horror zombie game, Dying Light. Brand safety filters automatically filter out videos containing violence and inappropriate language.



Due to the violent content of the video, we created a shorter version with less violence, driving users to the full video. We also added a control in our system to allow this traffic for cases like this.



Within the first 45 days, the video player count exceeded 3,2 million views globally, which breaks all previous records. We helped Techland to reach the 1st position in both US and UK sales charts.


Dying Light – Test your survival skills

An interactive video where you get to choose the outcome and the events of the video. What will you do, fight the zombie, or escape?

David Belle – Zombie Parkour

A collaboration with choreographer, stuntman and movie star David Belle, the founder of Parkour, cooperating with the Dying Light studio to get the movements of the game correct.

Dying Light – Run. Fight. Survive

A short trailer promoting Pre-order of the game.

About Techland

Techland is a Polish computer game developer, founded in 1991 by Paweł Marchewka. Headquartered in Wroclaw, with offices in Warsaw, Ostrow, Wielkopolski and Vancouver. Developing advanced high-budget games for all major platforms, PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4, and mobile games for iOS devices.

Techland has released over 20 games, including Dying Light, the biggest and most ambitious project in Techland’s history. Dying Light is a parkour action survival horror zombie game, presented from a first-person perspective and set in a vast and dangerous open world. Due to the violent nature of the content of the full video, a shorter version was created for promotion purposes, driving users to the full video.

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