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The bed specialist Sova chose to optimize their latest online campaign by testing 30 different banner variations in Emerse’s programmatic advertising platform. The result showed that small design adjustments of colour and text multiplied the probability of achieving more clicks.

Sova tested 30 different banner variants, consisting of 2 sizes of the CTA-button, 3 different colours and 5 different CTA messages. As you can see here the differences are only small but the results powerful. After a total of 200,000 impressions, all banners had clicks, but the winning one had a clickthrough rate of six times better than the least performing one.

Emerse Labs

Sova used the Emerse Labs platform, specially developed for A/B/N testing of advertising material. The platform is directly integrated with Emerse Demand Side Platform, although it can also be run separately. Unlike a classic A/B test, including N means that there is support for a greater number of variants. In just a few minutes, you can start your tests, select sites, ad inventory, and target audiences and easily see the results in real time.

You do not need to upload all your ad variations individually, it’s enough to specify the different values you want to rotate on different parts of the ad, such as texts, images, colours and more. Thanks to Emerse’s dynamic advertising technology, you are free to work with any design you want without having to use templates. The platform calculates the probable number of impressions through a reliable statistic. In addition, Emerse Labs rotates the ad variations and automatically splits up target audiences so that any individual is only exposed to one ad variation.

About Sova

The retail company (SOVA Stockholm Retail) is a Joint Venture in which Tempur Sealy, is the world’s largest manufacturer of mattresses and pillows. The company is Sweden’s largest retail chain in beds. After the restructuring, SOVA has 14 stores in the metropolitan areas and a number of stores as a franchise in the country.

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