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Project M consist of three different videos served in three phases. Targeting ’Millennials’ and the kind of people who appreciate technology, eco, motoring and lifestyle on a global scale. Our use of clever targeting at different times of the day generated the submission of over 600 ideas and more than 5,000 votes for Shell’s Project M. An initiative to engineer an ultra-efficient city car. Over 280 pieces of positive news articles were generated across 40 countries.

Engaged Countries
PR Articles


Connected Car Competition

The video promotes and encourages users to enter the competition by submitting great ideas, no matter how seemingly bizarre, about how connected technology can help us get around our cities.

History of the Car

Taking a step back in time and looking at how city driving and the nature of the traffic environment has changed since the 1940’s.

Inside the Car

People around the world are asked to describe what it feels like to drive in their cities and what issues they face. It may surprise you to hear that some drivers feel their current car design hinders visibility.


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Andy Nash, Director of Communications, Crunch Communication

About Project M

Project M is a collaboration between Shell, renowned car designer Gordon Murray and the engine specialist Osamu Goto. They collaborated to design and develop an ultra-compact car for developing cities. They seek to improve vehicle movement around our crowded cities in an efficient way while continuing to use the internal combustion engine.

The global population is expected to reach 9 billion by 2050 – up from the current 7bn. With the majority of people migrating to cities, energy providers and car makers need to urgently address efficiency to meet the world’s growing demand for energy in economic, environmental and socially responsible ways. The eventual Project M car will not be for production. Instead, it means to inspire thinking about mobility and the use of energy.

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