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Pizza Hut

By using narrow geo-targeting technology, we were able to guide carefully selected audiences to their nearest Pizza Hut restaurants.



To target an audience for the Cheesy Bites campaign during lunch, late afternoons and evenings. Direct the target audience to the nearest restaurant in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö.



By using close-range local targeting and intelligent IP address technology we could map specific GPS coordinates. Reaching the target audience within a certain radius around each restaurant.

Facebook Check-Ins


This resulted in an increase of visitors at the Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö restaurants. A total of 82,149 people checked-in on Facebook during the flight of the Cheesy Bites campaign.

Targeting by Proximity

Smartphones and other mobile devices has made internet accessible everywhere, which means that people can stream and watch videos on the go. Recent development in targeting technology together with our own unique algorithms, enables us to distribute video segments towards specific audiences at specific locations.

We also use advanced day-parting technology that controls the distribution of videos to specific hours of the day. Pizza Hut’s videos were only to be visible during 4 to 9pm, which is the time when the target audience is thinking about dinner options and making decisions about what restaurant to visit, or looking for easy food alternatives online.


About Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut is an international restaurant chain that serves pizzas. The restaurant was founded in 1958 by brothers Frank and Dan Carney in the city of Wichita in the US state of Kansas. Pizza Hut is included within the international Yum! Brands , the world’s largest restaurant company with over 41,000 restaurants 125 countries. Including Kentucky Fried Chicken and Taco Bell.

There are about 12,000 restaurants worldwide, of which 16 in Sweden by Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö, Västerås, Örebro, Norrköping, Linköping, Karlstad , Uppsala and Jönköping. The company turn over approximately SEK 200 million in Sweden and has about 300 employees. Pizza Hut business in Sweden is owned by Catalyst AS. Pizza Hut’s pride is their large selection of Pan Pizzas, and they introduced the stuffed pizza crust in 1995. Since then Pizza Hut has developed several filled pizza crusts, including Cheesy Bites, Crown Pizza and Cheesus Crust Superstar.

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