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Obama for America

In the 2012 election, we enabled President Obama to reach over 30 million people. (That’s practically the same as the population of Malaysia.) With 6 times as many views as his opponent. His unsuccessful opponent.

Emerse delivered programmatic video advertising for Barack Obama in the 2012 presidential election campaign. The Obama campaign was innovative in many ways, particularly with regard to taking advantage of online marketing for an election. Many US analysts consider that the Obama campaign was far more successful than the Romney campaign, through the medium of online video, Obama was able to get his message to the right target audience successfully. Emerse helped delivered that success.



Reaching key states and cities with the campaign message. Adapting the message style to specific regions. Example; if data shows that education issues are important in a particular region, a video addressing that specific issue should be distributed.



Using advanced targeting technology to reach the intended audience with the campaign message. To reinforce the message we also implemented annotations and “Call-To-Action Overlays” on all campaign video content.

Video Views


The Obama campaign’s videos proved to be very successful among the target audience and reached over 30 million people. On average, this was six times more views than the Romney campaign videos managed to achieve.


The Choice

Over the next four months, you have a choice to make. Not just between two political parties or even two people. It’s a choice between two very different plans for our country.

We've Heard it All Before

Mitt Romney ran for governor of Massachusetts promising more jobs, decreased debt, and smaller government. Romney economics didn’t work then, and they won’t work now.

Outsourcing of American Jobs

The Washington Post reported that the companies Mitt Romney’s firm owned were “pioneers” in the outsourcing of American jobs to places like China and India.

About the 2012 Election Campaign

The 2012 reelection campaign of Barack Obama, the 44th President of the United States, was formally announced on April 4, 2011. Obama was opposed in the general election by Mitt Romney.  The election took place on Tuesday, November 6, 2012. Obama won his reelection bid by a margin of 51.06 to 47.21%. This was the first time since 1944, when President Franklin D. Roosevelt won re-election, that a Democratic president had won by a majority of the electoral votes and over 51% of the popular vote twice.

The Guardian newspaper noted this was the first U.S. presidential re-election campaign to use Facebook and Twitter for promotion.

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