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The primary goal for Spitz and Beat the Elements was to create a positive feeling around Haglöfs as a brand and to clearly communicate the idea that if you have the right clothes, you can be outdoors no matter what the weather. Delivering high quality targeted views we could expand their audience while raising brand awareness and increased sales.



Both campaigns aimed to reach an audience with an interest in the outdoors. We were also challenged to find a new audience that might not yet have explored the outdoors much, or who could be interested in functional weatherproof garments.



We developed a bespoke technology that allowed us to target Haglöfs’ audience based on the viewer’s current or forecasted weather conditions. The more powerful the wind strength, the more exposure to the target audience.

Video Views


Both video campaigns resulted in a significantly high volume of completed views. We measured over 7.1 million video views and 2.6 million completed views across the targeted countries in Scandinavia and northern Europe.

Targeting Powered by the Wind

The weather has the biggest single influence on consumer behaviour after the economy according to the British Retail Consortium. The weather affects what we buy, where we go, what we wear, what we eat, and how we feel. Certain products are completely weather related.

We developed bespoke weather targeting technology, a clever way of intensifying the activity of weather-sensitive advertising when the weather conditions resonate with the content of Haglöfs video campaigns. Automatically decreasing the pace of campaign activity when the weather is not conducive to clicks and sales. The weather trigger can be based on a single weather element or a combination of elements.

We used the Beaufort wind force scale as the weather trigger, a standard scale to measure wind velocity. When the wind force hit a certain level in a particular location, the exposure increased accordingly. The more powerful the wind strength, the more exposure to the target audience.

“We want to encourage everyone to get out there, no matter the weather. But even if our products are made to beat the elements, you sometimes need a break. With this initiative, we hope to make people’s outdoor experiences even more enjoyable, even when it’s pouring down”

Peter Fabrin, CEO at Haglöfs.


The Return of Spitz

When the original Haglöfs Spitz Jacket was first launched back in 2007, it was something of a ground-breaker. Spitz has been re-invented for 2016 with improved modern fabrics, features and technology, to become better than ever. The Spitz video campaign allows you to, if only briefly, join the impressive circumnavigation journey with adventurist Erwan Le Lann, a mountaineer who became the captain and expedition leader of Maewan Adventure Base, an amazing 4-year long adventure around the world, reaching amazing unexplored regions of the planet.

Beat the Elements - Weather-fi

Haglöfs placed a wi-fi transmitter along the Swedish trail of Kungsleden in northern Sweden, in the middle of the Swedish wilderness, to provide hikers with the opportunity to go online in a remote place where normally there is no connectivity at all. But there’s a catch, it only works when it rains. The Haglöfs wi-fi connection is driven by solar panels and is linked to a local weather station which works like an on and off switch. Combining birdwatching with binge-watching your favourite TV-series in the outdoors, is no longer a problem thanks to Haglöfs weather-fi.

About Haglöfs

Haglöfs was founded in 1914 by a forester’s son named Wiktor Haglöf who designed and assembled a backpack for local workers in northern Sweden. Since 2010 Haglöfs has been owned by the Japanese shoe and clothes company Asics Corporation. During 2015 the number of Asics controlled retail stores and other partner stores grew to exceed 1,900 stores worldwide, including Haglöfs.

In 2014 Peter Fabrin was appointed CEO for Haglöfs and the brand entered a new phase of development with a goal to become the leading brand in the outdoor industry, with a strong focus on the Nordic region, Europe and Asia.

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