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The Steam Hotel

The ESS Group claim they don’t build hotels or sell any hotel rooms. Instead, they say that they create destinations, places people want to return to, unique meeting places shaped by unique characters.



To increase brand awareness and expand the target audience and attract the target audience to visit the Steam Hotel with an attractive offer.



With the help of consumer class data, we can get a detailed and comprehensive picture of the potential customers’ choices, preferences and habits online. It streamlines campaign management and provides a fantastic customer understanding that contributes to relevant communication.



We measured 1500% ROI, which proves that the ESS Group succeeded in its targeting and that they have a clear picture of their target audience. Well-crafted creatives appeal to and inspire the target audience.

Effective targeting

Through our technology and using target group data sourced through our partnership with NDR (Nordic Data Resources), a brand-building campaign and the promotion of a special offer was promoted online by us. Instead of targeting a general audience, such as through age, gender, and interest, the campaign focused on the most likely potential customers, including taking account of the phase of their lives.

ESS Group’s campaign is a thoroughly worthwhile case to learn from and demonstrates the real value of programmatic advertising, whereby programmatic ad purchases can return a very big ROI off only a small budget. This particular campaign consisted of two in-stream videos, 21 and 23 seconds long.

The outstanding result of a 1500% ROI proves beyond measure that a thorough knowledge of the target audience along with well-made creatives and of course, a popular product, will deliver a great campaign despite a modest budget. Additionally, the campaign offer was a hotel getaway for around 3,000 SEK (which is nearly 300 EUR) which is also pretty impressive!

About ESS Group

ESS Group was founded in 2007 with the purchase of Ystad Saltsjöbad. A journey that now has developed into 8 destinations and 15 restaurants. From Ystad Saltsjöbad, MJ’S and Villa Strandvägen in the south of Sweden to Falkenberg Strandbad along the west coast, followed by Hotel Pigalle and Hotel Bellora in Gothenburg and last but not least The Steam Hotel just by lake Mälaren close to Stockholm. Upcoming destinations are situated on Lidingö in the Stockholm archipelago and Gårda in Gothenburg. Brasserie LIPP, Port du Soleil, Köket, 8ight, Barabicu, Tranquilo, Zamenhof and Excet are restaurants and clubs that the group is part of.

The international review site Tripadvisor, with over 500 million guest reviews, annually compiles the hotels in Sweden that have the highest guest ratings, the so-called Travelers Choice Awards. A top 25 list featuring the ESS Group with 12% of the sites. Three hotels on the list. Hotel Pigalle in Gothenburg on location 2, new opening MJ’S in Malmö at number 18 and the resort hotel Ystad Saltsjöbad in place 23.

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