Digital Trends 2017

Digital Trends 2017

We have been up in the watchtower at Media Evolution in Malmö, looking at new digital trends for 2017. Predicting upcoming trends is almost impossible; only time will tell if predictions are proved right or wrong. At this morning’s breakfast seminar the digital communications agency ‘Kan’ presented their views on the likely digital trends for the year ahead. Video seems to be at the very top of the trend-ometer right now. Video content is being created by just about everybody and posted as unedited live video stories across social media channels. This is only the beginning, as more and more platforms start to enable video streams as a new feature. VR goggles are also up and coming. The technology is still very…

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Emerse Donates To Barncancerfonden

Emerse donates to Barncancerfonden

Emerse is both proud and happy to announce that we have donated significantly to the Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation, Barncancerfonden. This 500-kronor note was signed by the Swedish racing legend Kenny Bräck and auctioned at an Autoropa Racing Day earlier this…

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