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New Client DSP Application

Thank you for your application for an Emerse DSP self-service account. Please complete this form so that we can assess your application.

Company Details


Company Contacts

Main Contact Name

Technical Contact Name


Billing and Finance

Please note that the availability of monthly invoicing is pending a standard company credit check.


Billing Contact Name

Terms and Conditions

CAUTION: Emerse has zero tolerance to malware. If an Ad violates the regulations of the Emerse DSP User Agreement, Emerse will have the immediate right to permanently suspend the Customer’s User Account and will not refund the balance of any deposits paid. I acknowledge that in the event of running malicious ads, any refund of deposit funds will be forfeit.

I confirm acceptance of the Emerse terms which call for a $10,000 pre-paid deposit before a login can be granted. An invoice will be issued once the Emerse DSP User Agreement has been signed.

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