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Instagram Video Advertising

Instagram is the fastest growing social network on the web, a momentum that offers your video campaigns an impressive opportunity as a sales channel. In recent months, the time people spent watching video increased by more than 40 percent. Instagram has proved especially popular among younger generations.

With Emerse you can distribute maximum 60-second videos on Instagram to a targeted audience, optimised in-flight for maximum engagement. Instagram is an online sharing and social networking service with over 400 million active users. All you need is a Facebook page to enable video sharing on Instagram including through a variety of other social networking platforms such as Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr (and Facebook and Instagram). Instagram includes likes and view counts.

Emerse can link your Instagram video to your website through a call-to-action button and we use filters and powerful targeting including location, age, gender, interests and more to reach your target audience. Many online advertisers including Nike and Michael Kors have hailed the Instagram video surge. Let the experience and optimisation skills of Emerse accelerate the success of your campaign, either for stand-alone Instagram or as part of an ad format mix.


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