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What makes Emerse different from other Demand Side Platforms?

We have built our own unique technology platform from scratch. It has taken us nearly eight years to perfect it. Everything from optimisation algorithms to making sure the workflow is as smooth as possible for you and the teams managing ad campaigns. All our development has been done with real clients and advertisers in mind. We delivered our first video advertising campaigns for clients back in 2007. Since then we have delivered billions of video ad impressions around the globe. Every campaign we have delivered has helped us to further develop our unique platform.

Do I need prior knowledge about programmatic advertising?

No. The platform is very easy to use for anyone with basic digital marketing experience. We offer a Quick Mode where you can easily upload and launch your own video campaigns all by yourself.

Do you offer support and help with campaigns?

Yes. Our experienced team is available to help you and make sure your campaign performs optimally. We offer a full-service option where the Emerse team manages everything, creating, running and managing the campaign for you.

How are my campaigns optimised?

Our unique algorithms provide excellent performance mechanisms to meet the goals of your campaign. You can optimise towards sales, sign-ups or video viewer retention. The algorithms feature advanced mathematical models and data science to determine the best possible delivery method for your campaign. It’s all handled automatically for you. We allow the change of settings in our algorithms for clients who are interested in adjusting for themselves, although the default settings typically provide great results for any campaign as the algorithms learn from campaign history to evolve and make these changes themselves.

How about pacing in-flight?

All you need to do is enter the flight dates of your campaign and the budget, together with a preference around if you want it to be delivered evenly over the flight, or as quickly as possible. Our system then takes care of ensuring the right amount of video impressions and views are delivered each day over the life of the campaign.

Is the platform available from different devices?

Yes. You can log in and manage your campaigns from desktop computers, laptops, tablets and mobile devices. You always get real-time access to your campaigns and their progress.

What types of videos can I run campaigns with?

Any. Emerse supports a wide range of video types and lengths. From short video ads (10-20 seconds) up to several minutes.

Can I target campaigns by language?

Yes. You can target campaigns to people speaking a certain language.

In what regions can I run campaigns?

Anywhere. One of the most powerful features of programmatic advertising is the ability to reach people anywhere in the world. You can target more than 180 countries through the platform and you can pinpoint a specific geographical level, such as a city or town.

What other parameters can I base-targeting my campaigns on?

We offer a powerful toolbox of targeting options. In addition to the geographic region, you can also target by age, gender, topics, interests, travel habits, shopping and purchase intent data or you can target pages where specific keywords are present in the text and much more.

Does the Platform support re-targeting?

Yes. You can build your own retargeting lists within the platform, or use lists you already have from other platforms. Check with our team for data integration and help with syncing your existing retargeting list.

Do you support third-party data management platforms?

Yes. We can sync data with most available DMPs. Please contact your account manager for more help and to get started with syncing your data.

Do you support private deals and marketplaces?

Yes. You can create, manage and buy from your direct deals with publishers from within the platform.

What kind of reporting do you offer?

We provide different ways to track the performance of your campaigns. The user interface is friendly and easy to understand. It shows all the information you need to know about your live video campaigns and presents you with real-time data (yes, it updates every second!). Our specially designed data download tool enables you to select specific data from your campaigns and export it to a spreadsheet for further analysis. You can also choose from a set of ready-made PDF reports that gives you a quick overview of a campaign and its highlights. You can easily filter in or out what you want to have reported.

Do you measure viewability?

Yes. This is provided as part of the data you find in the reports for every campaign.

Can I access information about retention rates and social sharing for all my campaigns?

Yes. We track this for you and it is readily available to download in real-time.

How do you filter and prevent the impact of ad fraud?

There is no doubt that ad fraud is an issue for digital advertisers today and has been for a number of years. Even before the advent of modern programmatic buying systems, “black hat” publishers would try to dupe ad networks with robot software that could click on ads and more. While many in the industry have become used to ad fraud being “priced in” (meaning that if it went away the price of inventory would go up instead so the advertiser is not paying for it in the end). We think this is a strange attitude and that ad fraud needs to be fought and we work very hard at this. All our filtering is done in the background by our systems. We deploy sophisticated monitoring and filtering systems that look for fraudulent traffic in real-time. We track more than 2,000 different parameters to trigger signals and filter out low-quality traffic. While we don’t believe ad fraud can be filtered out 100% (we won’t lie to you) we think the vast majority of it can be and as such we put a lot of effort into doing this. In addition, we partner with third-party filtering providers if we think their technology is a sufficiently good supplement to our own mechanisms.

Do you work with agencies or directly with advertisers?

Both. Some of the world’s leading media buying agencies use Emerse and we are pleased to collaborate with agencies around the world. For users with a lot of experience, we offer a very in-depth level of control through our platform where teams can adjust the optimisation parameters and more for their own campaigns. Some of our best agency relationships have continued for more than seven years and have grown significantly.
We also work with a number of advertisers directly. Some of our advertiser clients have in-house digital advertising teams and in some cases, even programmatic teams but many others have little or no in-house capability and instead rely on our professional services to have their campaigns delivered effectively on time and beyond their expectations.

How large does an advertiser need to be to work with Emerse?

We are open to most business opportunities, small or large. We have seen start-ups run by a team of two people rapidly succeed and outspend brands with a hundred thousand employees, so we understand the potential of the smaller advertiser. As a client, you don’t need to have a big in-house team or a lot of experience of digital marketing. Our team is there to balance out any lack of experience clients may have, to make sure your advertising is as successful for your business it is for some of the world’s most sophisticated advertisers who are also on our platform.

How do I get started?

Simply request an account, either through our website or directly with your sales contact. We will provide all the support you need to get started. Or, contact our sales team and provide details about your campaign and we will take care of it. You don’t even need to log-in to our platform, our team will take care of everything for you if you select the full-service option.

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