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Be sure to secure an appointment at our busy stand to ensure you get to meet one of our experts. Depending on your goals and who you wish to speak with, choose from the three options below. Select your preferred date and time and we will return to you to confirm!

Get introduced
to our DSP

Watch a live-demo
at our stand

Apply for status
as vendor/supplier

On the 12-13 September, we will be exhibiting and showcasing our DSP at the Digital Marketing Exhibition and Conference in Cologne – the leading global tradeshow in the industry. We think it’s a great opportunity to get a clear idea of the upcoming trends and to meet as many inspiring business partners and clients as possible.
We hope to see you there!



12 & 13 September 2018



9am – 6pm



Hall 7 – Stand A066

Koelnmesse, Messeplatz 1
50679 Köln, Deutschland


We’re sending a dedicated team of experts who know programmatic advertising inside out. We Emersians are eager to give advice and share learnings from successful online advertising in similar industries or markets. Don’t be shy to ask for our help. If you know exactly who you wish to meet, don’t hesitate to get in touch and book a 1-2-1 meeting today. Otherwise use the options above – the important thing is that you don’t miss us at the show.

Visit the official DMEXCO web page to plan your visit.

Come to our stand and treat yourself to a free ice cream

We know that a long day at a busy fair can make anyone feel quite exhausted. At the same time, there is lots of business opportunities to catch. Since everyone – as far as we know – loves ice cream, we would like to invite you to our stand to chill and have a nice chat with a cold, freshly made soft ice cream in your hand.

We aim to also give you a cool experience of our DSP – whether you are looking for self-service and want to run the machine yourself or use full-service run by one of our happy Emerse DSP experts. It’ll only cost you a business card ;-)!

Live demos of our platform – a fully transparent and independent DSP

What does transparent mean in the world of media buying platforms? It means you have full insight into what fees you pay and can be certain that there are no hidden deals between the DSP and other parts of the supply chain such as publishers. It means you know exactly where your ads are running and have full control over how your budget is spent. We are proud to offer a truly transparent and independent DSP.

We believe clients who always get the best results possible using our technology and services will build a long-term successful relationship with us. Therefore we are not interested in doing anything that’s not in our client’s best interest. Over the past 10 years, we’ve stayed true to a philosophy of trust and quality, causing us to build several long-lasting client relationships where our platform is used to deliver billions of advertising impressions in brand safe environments.

Our product strategy is entirely focused on building technology that enables our clients to achieve better returns on their advertising investments. We have no interest in following what other platforms in the market do if it doesn’t help our clients increase the overall effect of their advertising.

At our stand, we will demonstrate how the platform works and how easy it is to use and share some of the recently added features that makes it even cooler. Plus share our ice cream!

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