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Fully transparent and independent Demand Side Platform. No hidden fees or surprises.

Full insight.
No hidden deals.
Full control.
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What does transparent mean in the world of media buying platforms? It means you have full insight into what fees you pay and can be confident that there are no hidden costs between our DSP and other parts of the supply chain. It means you know exactly where your ads are running and have full control over how your budget is invested. We believe clients who achieve the best possible results using Emerse technology and services will build a long-term successful relationship with us. We are only interested in doing things that are in our client’s best interests. We’ve maintained this philosophy of trust and quality for over 10 years.

Well-proven Technology

Well-proven Technology

that has been developed and fine-tuned since 2007.

Acquire An Audience

Acquire an Audience

through built-in tools that allow you to explore, target, build and expand specific audiences.



against risks such as fraudulent traffic, ad collision, poor quality inventory and suspicious activity.

All Ad Formats

All ad Formats

across all devices video or display across mobile, video, CTV etc.

Self-optimising Software

Self-optimising software

gives perfect pacing, and delivers on any sales, reach or cost target.

Know Everything

Know Everything

based on a wide variety of data points, you get fast information in real-time.

Global Reach

Global reach

with all major exchanges and SSP’s integrated, and infrastructure in 41 different locations.



for faster insights. Do not hesitate to ask for our help.

Dedicated Support

Dedicated support

from a skilled team for all kind of advice or full-service.

OK, let’s check off the list of features

Technical Performance

  • Out-Stream and In-Stream video formats
  • Support for all major IAB formats, including display and video
  • Access to proprietary Emerse optimisation algorithm
  • Conversion tracking and optimisation
  • Built-in ad-serving for video with automatic transcoding for all devices
  • Global infrastructure with delivery nodes in 41 locations worldwide
  • Advanced fraud detection with integration to leading third-party providers
  • Inventory and placement-quality scoring and control, including factors such as page-clutter and ad-collision detection
  • Brand safety filters
  • Negotiate and trade in private marketplaces (PMP)
  • Support for VAST, VPAID and MRAID

Reach & Target Audiences

  • Dynamic A/B testing
  • Contextual targeting across all exchanges
  • Re-targeting of audiences
  • Build new external audiences
  • Private Marketplaces (PMP’s) available
  • Access to all major exchanges and SSPs
  • Hyper-local targeting using GPS coordinates
  • ISP or mobile-carrier targeting
  • IP targeting
  • Topic and category targeting
  • Dayparting (target by time/day of the week)
  • Frequency cap and frequency target settings
  • Language targeting
  • Direct URL targeting
  • Browser, operating-system or connection-speed targeting
  • Viewability metrics and targeting
  • Expand audiences to find new customers
  • Data-feed targeting, for example, weather

Time-Saving Usability

  • Easy-to-use cloud-based interface with an overview of markets and bidding agents
  • Quick-launch and advanced-launch modes for bidding agents
  • Batch upload of creative, including direct upload from major creative tools
  • Explore and profile custom audiences
  • Real-time data with no delay
  • GDPR toolkit available for easy opt-in and opt-out
  • Built-in tag management
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