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Famous names that we may have made just a little more famous

Our clients are a diverse group. They differ in a number of ways. By the sorts of businesses they are, where they’re based and where they operate, for example. We distribute their videos and other programmatic advertising around the world. Some are small local brands. Others are huge multinational conglomerates. One was even a successful presidential candidate. These are some of the many companies we’re proud to have worked (wonders) for during the past decade.


Sova runs programmatic A/B-testing of ad creatives with Emerse Labs. The result showed that small design adjustments multiplied the probability of achieving more clicks
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The Steam Hotel

How ESS Group reaches 1500% ROI through programmatic advertising while raising brand awareness
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Swedish Camping

How Swedish Campingpärlor by Grönklitts Group has increased their bookings using programmatic re-targeting
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How we helped the electric car company Unity to get their car on the market and to raise £ 7 million through crowdfunding campaign
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When the Spitz jacket was re-launched with improved features and materials, Haglöfs' used weather triggers to reach the target audience based on the current weather conditions
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Pizza Hut

How Pizza Hut uses narrow geo-targeting to guide a hungry target audience to their nearest restaurant
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