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Famous names that we may have made just a little more famous.

Our clients are a diverse group. They differ in a number of ways. By the sorts of businesses they are, where they’re based and where they operate, for example. We distribute their videos and other programmatic advertising around the world. Some are small local brands. Others are huge multinational conglomerates. One was even a successful presidential candidate. These are some of the many companies we’re proud to have worked (wonders) for during the past decade.


We helped to re-launch the Honda Jazz. It consequently became the Japanese car company’s best-selling model of all time in Europe.
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Officine Panerai

Our unique technology integration enabled Officine Panerai to reach a valuable niche market. 52,000 people in Hong Kong & China looking to buy luxury watches.
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The Nordic company came to us to boost its brand awareness and sales. We targeted an audience of 7 million across northern Europe and Scandinavia.
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We helped Techland’s game Dying Light reach the no. 1 spot in both the US and UK sales charts. Within the first week of release, it had been played by 1.2m people.
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The Film Agency

We met the formidable technical challenge of targeting and distributing video on demand across Europe in no fewer than 18 different languages.
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Our use of clever targeting at different times of the day generated the submission of over 600 ideas and more than 5,000 votes for Shell’s Project M.
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Obama for America

In the 2012 election, we enabled President Obama to reach over 30 million people. With 6 times as many views as his unsuccessful opponent.
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Our online campaign aggressively promoted Samsung’s website. This was followed by an astonishing 28.3% increase in global sales.
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Pizza Hut

By using narrow geo-targeting technology, we were able to guide carefully selected audiences to their nearest Pizza Hut restaurants.
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It’s so nice to finally work with an agency who knows what they’re doing

Head of SEO,


A lot of people claim to have online marketing expertise. Emerse is the real deal.

Head of Business Development, Betsson

Emerse are best-in-class at what they do, unfailingly helpful and responsive – and just a joy to partner with. Anyone who wants to be at the forefront of getting their content in front of a targeted, global audience is missing out if they’re not aware of the Emerse standard.

Andy Nash
Director of Communications, Crunch Communication


I’ve worked with Emerse on a number of projects over the past four years. They always over deliver on campaigns for achievement of KPI’s, reach and for customer service. Emerse always ensure that each project is treated as bespoke and targeted efficiently. Emerse’s inventory access capabilities ensure that we reach the correct audience.
I will certainly continue to work with Emerse for any campaign where video seeding is a requirement, thus ensuring a continuing and effective working relationship.

John Dugdale
Head of Media Planning, Media Bounty


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