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B2B Video Marketing

Emerse is adept at providing credible solutions for B2B video marketing campaigns. We can identify and reach niche audience groups that are particular to your B2B needs.

We target by geo of course, and by websites that are related to your industry and customer type. We also target people through data including metrics such as known employment and interests, demographics and more. Then we optimise in-flight for the strongest possible engagement as we purposefully drill to reach your target audience.

Besides reaching 95% of online ad inventory, we partner with 70,000 data sources. These, together with algorithm-driven systems and optimisation combine for powerful delivery and an assured performance leading to relevant and responsive views and impressive brand awareness. From your video, you enjoy a click-through facility to a landing page which could be your company website or a purchase or expression of interest page for example.

Unleash the power of targeted online video and contact Emerse for a proposal.
You will not be disappointed.

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