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A/B-testing of Ad Creatives using Machine Learning

Emerse Labs is a platform for dynamic & ML based A/B-testing of ad creatives. Our reinforcement learning algorithm will explore/exploit responses to the ad along time. It works with any DSP or buying platform. In Labs your team can easily define parameters within the creative you want to experiment with and get detailed statistics for the experiments or run a batch of fixed ads and let the algorithm pick the best one.

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Our platform can be used seamlessly together with our DSP or with other buying platforms, even with direct media buying. The platform calculates metrics that give you information about the performance of your ads, the quality of data, recommendations on how many impressions you need to buy and so forth. Using Emerse Labs you can for example test different copy, images, colours or any other elements in the ad.

Machine Learning for Advertising Decision Making

See the number of permutations (ad variants) automatically when adding variables and their values. Emerse Labs will then automatically rotate and show you which variants are the best performing. You get real-time reports showing which variant of your ad creative was best performing.

A few permutations

Easy to Use

Design freely, as you are used to. In any size and format. Then easily create placeholder variables within your creatives right inside the platform. Next, add variants you’d like to test in those placeholders for text, images, colours or any other element. Your tests will go live within minutes and results are available at your fingertips in real-time. Optimize creatives to achieve the highest CTR or CPA using conversion goals.

Use the direct connection to our DSP (Demand Side Platform) to activate your A/B-test campaigns instantly or any third-party DSP or media buying platform. Select publishers, inventory and audiences where you want the test to run. Audiences are automatically split up so each individual doesn’t see (and is effected by) more than one variant of the ad.

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