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Listen! We Offer Programmatic Audio

Listen! We offer Programmatic Audio

Digital listening services such as Spotify, Soundcloud, Targetspot, Triton and Tunein reach 1 billion listeners worldwide every month. Through advertising sparks in listening services, your brand gets virtually undivided attention that can neither be skipped or avoided entirely via ad blocking. By adding Programmatic Audio to your media plan, you get a powerful complement to other communication channels that engages your audience to a proven higher degree than other channels.

Unlike advertising spots on radio, via Programmatic Audio, you can control the target audience. Geographically for example, or choose to serve your audio ads in conjunction with selected playlists, tailor-made for your particular audience.

Emerse is leading the way in Sweden by introducing programmatic audio advertising through our DSP. Get in touch if you want to know more and test drive Audio!

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