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How To Create Perfect Ads

How to create perfect ads

Well-designed banner ads are key to successful digital campaigns. As an advertiser, what factors should you consider to make sure your banner ad captures the attention of the target audience and generates greater results? Our client, Uniti, recently ran a successful crowdfunding campaign. Here are some highlights to inspire you.

Called the “Tesla for megacities” by Business Insider, Uniti offers affordable electric vehicles purpose-built for the daily urban commuter. Emerse has been tasked with leveraging Uniti’s crowdfunding campaign to support their recent UK expansion and promote British market entry in 2020. Crowdfunding is a form of investment that has become increasingly common in recent years. You can learn more by visiting their campaign page at

It is clear that the creatives were successful; with a clear message, a clear call-to-action and a clear sender. In addition, the minimal colour palette and the stylish product image got the banner to really stand out on the sites where it was placed.

How to create perfect ads:

1. Customised target group – What is interesting to those you want to reach? Can you develop several variants? For example; you can choose to expose Audi ads only to Audi owners.

2. Clear message –  Your ads only have a few seconds to capture interest. A clear message of value to the user (such as product & price)

3. Clear CTA button – A clear call to action increase the odds on success (“Book a time” or “Read more”)

4. Scaled design – A “clean” and clear banner will generate clicks. The recipient must quickly be able to understand what the advertiser wants to say. Avoid long texts and keep in mind that it will need to work in different web environments. Sometimes a frame is recommended.

5. Few colours Fewer colours make it easier to make a decision about if and where to click. Beware of brand recognition factors where images and colours match the landing page design.

6. Right season – Make sure to customise content according to current season and events around the world.

PS: Make sure that the landing page does not leave a potential client disappointed!

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