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Shortcuts To Find And Get To Know Your Unique Target Group

Shortcuts to find and get to know your unique target group

The more ad buyers know about their target group and how and where to most effectively reach them, the better their ad campaign will be. Using data has always been important in marketing, buying ad space programmatically through a DSP means you can be certain of your aim while also collecting worthwhile data about users in-flight. You can also use third-party data to speed up the process. Using these together, through programmatic and the smart use of data makes it all possible.

Our platform is integrated with leading providers of meaningful target group data which can streamline your campaign delivery. For example, we can provide geographic targeting and consumer profile data so that you can reach those you want to safely, efficiently and reliably. So, if you sell cars you probably want to reach those with a driving license and perhaps those who already own a car in a relevant category, right? If your campaign is for an expensive model, you might want to filter for the appropriate purchasing power in your target group. Of course, it would also be important to reach those who live in a particular radius of your dealerships. We can do all this.

Through the Emerse platform, we can also use cookie-based targeting data. This allows us to target ads to a variety of users without having to collect the actual cookies first. Our platform gives you a shortcut, so you don’t need to buy a large volume of Facebook or Google ads for instance. This both speeds up the process and saves you money.

The way this works is that verified household data is applied – based on demographics, lifestyles and interests of anonymous users across a wide network of sites. This is based on, for instance, type of dwelling, car ownership, income, family situation and enterprise. We can see those who are relevant to your product or service. In addition to a large number of ready-made “smart segments”, such as sports fanatics, fashionistas, home cooks or pet lovers, there are also time-limited campaign audiences to use, such as “tire changers”!

We analyse how your ads are received by these target groups and we help you get a nuanced and comprehensive view of the choices, preferences and habits of your customers. We can also get customer insights, about what your customer does when not at your site. This will help you to be more relevant in your communication and your offers and to streamline your campaign management.

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