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Exciting Ideas, Many Meetings And Now… Action!

Exciting ideas, many meetings and now… action!

Dmexco in Cologne is the biggest European meeting place and a community for key players in digital marketing. The last couple of years, we have taken active part in this event. The expo and conference of 2018 took place last week:

The circle symbolizes the conference, full of ideas, like a balloon full of thoughts rising to the sky. It is inspiration with no edges, open and shareable. We brought a lot of ideas back home and look forward to sharing them with you. Here are three trending concepts that will definitely be on the agenda of every serious digitalized business in 2019, and this is how we interpret it through our Transparent DSP:

  • Transparency – What does that mean in the world of media buying platforms? It means you have full insight into what fees you pay and can be confident there are no hidden costs between our DSP and other parts of the supply chain. It means you know exactly where your ads are running and have full control over how your marketing budget is invested.

  • User centricity – Since GDPR, this means more than just trying to push and sell more to customers and optimizing efficiencies. It means making our digital world easier, safer and more trustworthy. If the user experience is bad, you don’t get any re-visitors. It takes just a second to lose their trust.

  • Artificial intelligence – A megatrend, according to many speakers. AI with face recognition can help truck drivers not to fall asleep while driving and thus prevents accidents. But can AI also improve advertising results? Some people said we have reached a new era of Internet Advertising, where so called Reinforcement Learning will triple effectiveness in advertising. Exciting!

An exposition is often a quite closed space with walls around it. This year, Dmexco had 1K exhibitors from 39 different countries, in a 100K sqm expo space. Yes, we often act digital, but meetings are still powerful. After good meetings and synchronized goals, we are ready to move forward and collaborate!

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Tip: Here you will find a lot of videos with presentations of various current topics from the DMEXCO conference:

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