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Don’t Work Too Hard. Use Dayparting.

Don’t work too hard. Use dayparting.

It’s important to be frugal with your resources both in terms of the heatwave and with your programmatic campaigns so that you can be as effective as possible. We understand that many have embraced more continental habits such as siesta and late dinners as a result of the heat. By being prepared to change frequency control and dayparting (i.e. the time of day to display your ads), you can find the campaign’s magic mix of control/cost vs performance.

Advertising performs differently according to the time of day or even the day of the week when it is served. For example, your campaign might perform perfectly well and achieve great results between say 6-8pm on a weekday, instead of paying around five times as much during weekdays or ten times as much for a click on a weekend.

It’s perfectly okay to run a campaign for only part of the day, or on certain days of the week. Times of day that are not ideal for performance can be excluded. This is a smart way to reach your target audience when they are most likely to be online, while making sure your budget is spent wisely.

Dayparting technology is very common in the performance advertising industry. For example; we used it to control the flow of Pizza Hut’s ads. We set these to be served only at specific times of the day, from 4 to 9pm every day of the week, which is just the right time that the target audience is thinking about dinner options and making decisions about which restaurant to visit, or looking for easy food alternatives online. You can read more about the Pizza Hut campaigns here.

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