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5 Tips For Advertising Around The World Cup

5 tips for advertising around the World Cup

Are you thinking of promoting yourself in connection with the FIFA World Cup? Then you are not alone! We can already see advertising prices starting to increase ahead of June 14 when the world’s largest (unofficially) sports event kicks off in Russia with 32 nations’ taking part. Betting companies in particular buy up inventory early, so you need to be active now to be sure of winning inventory.

1. Be aware that prices are higher than usual. Keep an eye on the situation and be prepared to raise your bid if you want to be sure of winning the inventory.

2. Think outside the box to find cost effective ad slots. You can use semantic key words to match editorial content with what you want to display, site lists where you simply identify the pages you want to target, or simply run openly to find traffic wherever it is.

3. Remember, unless you are an official sponsor such as FIFA partners like Adidas, Coca-Cola, Wanda Group, Gazprom, Hyundai, Qatar Airways and Visa, to use no official named brands, logos or photos in your marketing, to avoid difficulties.

4. It might be effective to continually adjust your marketing over the course of World Cup. Perhaps use creative content that triggers the expectation of your customer group with hashtags for current matches, flags etc.

5. Keep track of where your audience will be and what range of appropriate offline and online platforms to use when you plan your campaigns. Review how to tailor your creatives to best generate interest among fans.

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