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Re-Target Your Target Audience

Re-Target Your Target Audience

Re-targeting is a fantastic feature of interest-orientated advertising. Re-targeting tags allow you to revisit people who visited your website previously, or watched your video ad or clicked on your banner; users who already evidenced their interest in your content, product or message.

With re-targeting you can reach these individuals as they browse across the internet. Cookies allow you to develop a list of users who visited your site, signed up or made a purchase, or interacted with earlier ads. Later on, you can target those same people with your subsequent ads.

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For example; If 10 000 people visited your site, you can run a banner or video campaign targeting only those people. Let’s say you are an online retailer who sells printers and TVs. You can show TV ads to those people who visited the TV section, and you can cross-sell, up-sell, and promote other relevant products, such as surround sound systems or DVD players.

Some users visit a site but leave without buying anything. A tag could add these shoppers to a “Site Visitor” list. This allows you to reach out to these potential buyers while they browse other websites, with a compelling call-to-action or an offer that encourages them to return to your website and complete a purchase. These could be people who visited your site during the last 7 days or up to 540 days ago.

Similarly, way you can use tags to reach people who signed up, participated in competitions or purchased products on your site. The list you build can be used effectively to serve ads with special offers perhaps, or simply to encourage customers to return to your site.

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