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Private Market Places

Private Market Places

Private Marketplace has become one of the most used buzzwords in digital advertising, but how does it actually work? A Private Marketplace for programmatic buying, (or PMP), is an invite-only marketplace where premium publishers invite a select number of advertisers to bid on their inventory through a private Deal ID.

The main difference between a private auction and an open auction is that the private auction gives the advertiser full transparency and control over which websites their ad will run on; they can be confident that their ad will only be displayed on sections or within the content that they have specifically identified. When buying ad inventory on the open market the ad is displayed on any website with available ad inventory.

PMPs give you much more control over your campaigns than open market purchases do. For instance, you can control the frequency and set an exact frequency cap, get direct statistics when you need them with real-time reporting and ensure the placement of your ad is always above the fold. Read more about viewability here.

Media houses are usually connected to a select set of websites who have ad inventory not normally available on the open market and instead require an invitation. Examples of European and international media houses you can access through the Emerse DSP are; SKY, The Guardian, Financial Times and MSN. Through these, you can reach the most of the largest and the best global sites.

A private marketplace is a great option for advertisers who are especially conscious about controlling placements for their brand. It is also being embraced by smaller advertisers who have not tried programmatic media buying before and want to gain some experience before taking on the open market.

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