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Brand Safety

Brand Safety

With programmatic buying, it’s important to control the quality of the traffic you are actually buying. None more so than with the prevalence of extremist and other sensitive content online, this could risk brand advertisements appearing alongside inappropriate content.

There is a long list of “campaigns that have gone wrong” and these have frequently been shared on social media, resulting in increased brand safety awareness among the general public.

Emerse has fought long and hard for many years against ad-fraud and fraudulent traffic. We have developed an advanced filtering system that guarantees high-quality traffic together with a safe environment for brands. Before we consider buying any advertising space, we first calculate the risk by using content ratings. With the help of our shrewd scoring system and third-party solutions, we automatically filter out placements that are not considered brand safe. We are continually vigilant for false clicks or false impressions traffic. In addition, our platform has ad-collision detection measures in place to guard against buying more than one ad on the same web page.

Read more about Emerse quality and safety measures here

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