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What’s Your Story?

What’s your Story?

Brand storytelling not only works well for established global brands but also for less well-known brands.  Building a story with sequential video advertising gradually increases awareness and captures the target audience’s attention effectively.

Sequential storytelling uses programmatic re-targeting technology and is a powerful tool for use with interest-based advertising. It is a clever means of reaching people who we know have demonstrated an interest in the video’s content or in the brand itself. By using cascading adverts for one campaign you can excite the target audience around your brand, leaving them wanting more.

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For example; a series of 3 videos, one short followed by two long, are exposed to viewers in sequential order. Only viewers who have watched the first video to a certain point are served the second and then the third. So instead of seeing the same advertisement over and over, they are increasingly pulled in as the message develops through each ad spot. This is perfect for product launches and teaser trailers!

It might sound obvious, but it’s absolutely essential to understand your audience in order for brand storytelling to be a success. Using cookie data collected from tags we place on your website, we are able to identify the preferences and interests of visitors to your website, This means we can also track which other websites and pages those user’s visit, sites that are reachable through programmatic advertising. With this method, we can expand your audience and find consumers in the same geographic region with similar profiles and interests to your original visitors and then target them too.

Sequential advertising is digital marketing’s next big thing, so now is a good time to figure out the story you are trying to tell.

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