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Cannes Lions International Festival Of Creativity

Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity

Robert Whelan, Director Client Services at Emerse, drew the short straw and pounded the streets of Cannes for the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity where members of the creative communications industry from all over the globe come to meet, share ideas, do business and celebrate the power of creativity.

Emerse are just the people to distribute content online in a powerful way, to reach a targeted, engaged and responsive audience! As Sir Ian McKellen said, “If it’s about lying or assuming something about your audience – if it’s not about genuinely trying to relate to them – then I expect it will go wrong.” We know this at Emerse. It’s why we put so much energy into targeting, optimisation and more. We don’t simply rely on automation, for all the impressive bells and whistles of our programmatic DSP, we include human oversight too, to ensure we deliver the very best we can for our clients.

When not posing about, Robert took time to reflect on the key things that he observed. Transparency was a big theme, ensuring that ad placements are authentic and relevant so that the connection with audiences is real. Also, gender equality; something that Emerse is already beating the male bias on, with just over half the team being female and more than 50% making up the management team. The diversity breakthrough is something Dame Helen Mirren spoke passionately about at Cannes with ‘Redefining diversity and the journey from self-doubt to self-worth’.

Cannes is the epicentre of the creative world with big brands, media agencies, creatives, designers, influencers, media and everything in between. It’s where inspiration is palpable.

Robert was thrilled to wave the flag for Emerse at Cannes and left a loud and positive Emerse footprint in his wake.

Emerse: Making it sweet on a never-ending journey, ensuring that the latest tech in advertising can deliver engaging customer experiences and brand moments. Try it for yourself. See and Reach Who You Mean To Reach Online with Emerse. Emerse is a Swedish company with global presence and reach. Founded in 2007.

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