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Next Step For Programmatic

Next step for programmatic

Emerse was invited to a breakfast seminar with Dagens Media, a leading Swedish magazine who monitor the advertising and media industry. The themes of the seminar were the future of programmatic advertising and predictive marketing. Living in the midst of a digital revolution means times are changing and competition for consumers time is increasingly fierce. As both customers and consumers, we have become more selective and demanding, we are drawn to relevant experiences that anticipate our needs and know what we want.

During breakfast, artificial intelligence was discussed, and how programmatic systems could help advertisers to predict their customer’s needs. Combining AI with predictive marketing and delivering the right message in the right place provides ever more powerful marketing that delivers the kind of customised experiences that consumers actually want.

This is really exciting and something we work with already but will focus on even more in the future at Emerse, said Magnus Malmsten, Key Account Manager at Emerse.


Breakfast seminar took place at Flemingatan 7 in Stockholm, Wednesday 24 May.


Lukas Krol, Head of Marketing, SBAB
John Eriksson, Senior online expert Curamando
Peter Hallgren, Sales Director Nordic, Rocket Fuel


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