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Year Of The Rooster

Year of the Rooster

This week saw Emerse attend the digital transformation and innovation festival ‘Year of the Rooster’ in Munich – complete with free snow. In May!

With a theme celebrating the future of digital business and the changes innovation could bring, there was a jam-packed schedule. International speakers from the USA, Australia, Germany, Switzerland and the UK talked about the importance of understanding key trends shaping the digital industry today; VR, Robotics, the future of media. Mobility, and how companies need to be agile and responsive if they are to have an impact.

For me the festival highlight was a rather moving presentation about Mindfulness/Biohacking from Sue Langley of Langley Group Australia: “Break the law of averages and there to be exceptional”. It reminded us that tech aside, our personal humanity matters and that kindness can be our most beautiful and generous value. Sue spoke passionately about how we should always try to bring along the very best version of ourselves and not to bear grudges; how the ‘ripple effect’ of our attitude and behaviour impacts those around us like a mirror. I also enjoyed PUK’s ‘Fake news could be “the word” in 2017′ in their ‘Future of Media’ slot, said Robert Whelan, Director Client Services at Emerse.

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