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We Are Moving!

We are moving!

Over the past few months, we have been busy working with the design of our brand-new headquarters in Lund. Our new office has attractive views overlooking both the main city square and the iconic Lund Cathedral, in the heart of the city.

We are excited to be moving into a listed historic building which originates from 1698. Since 1891 the property has been owned by Lund’s University Bookstore. The floor we will occupy was once the bookstore’s warehouse and has been completely refurbished and transformed into a modern office space.

Carl-Johan has been leading a team of architects, interior designers and construction workers to ensure everything is on schedule and fits our needs. A lot of thought has gone into carefully choosing the right furniture and every aspect has been considered, ensuring the new space is designed on brand.

We are delighted to see everything come together and to making ourselves at home in our new place.

New Address

Lilla Fiskaregatan 1A
222 22 Lund

+46 46 3780 100

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